Behold! The Happy Path To Captivate Your Users With Stunning CLI Apps!

Presentation at Functional Scala 2022

As developers, we often have to create command-line applications, which expose APIs, workflows or data processing functionality in a way that is accessible to scripts and non-developers. Although a simple command-line application can be created by only using Array[String], such applications lack features that users take for granted, including:

  • Flexible subcommands

  • Options

  • Arguments

  • Validations

  • Documentation pages

In this presentation at Functional Scala 2022, I've shown how to easily build beautiful command-line applications that your users will love. Using ZIO CLI, your command-line applications will support:

  • All types of command-line parameters

  • Perform both Pure and Impure validation

  • Generate beautiful short and long documentation pages

  • Support auto-correction plus auto-completion

Discover how you can have fun creating beautiful command-line apps that delight your users!

Watch the recording:

You can find the slides here