Teach Your Web API To Speak Loud And Clear CLI!

Presentation at ZIO World 2023

Most Scala-based backend applications are web APIs, which typically use the HTTP protocol and the JSON format. As a developer, it's crucial to test your APIs during development. One option is to call them from the command line using tools like curl, but this process can be time-consuming and prone to errors, requiring writing headers and constructing JSON manually. This affects you while testing, and also DevOps and SREs who need to call your APIs from the command line or include these calls in scripts.

In this presentation at ZIO World 2023, I've introduced a new and exciting feature of ZIO HTTP. With it, you will be able to easily access your API through an automatically-generated command-line interface. Testing and accessing your API will become a breeze, with rich features such as:

  • Comprehensive help pages

  • Data validation

  • Auto-completion

  • Spelling correction.

Say goodbye to the struggles of the past and embrace a new, easy, and joyful way of testing and calling your API from the command-line!

Watch the recording:

You can find the slides here